White Clay Creek State Park

Keeping with the adage that we must make the most of what we have, we went to one of Delaware’s 18 state parks last weekend – White Clay Creek State Park.

After struggling to read the map a few times, we wandered off and stumbled on to a trail. White Clay Creek State Park offers several trails for hiking, biking and, if the map is to be believed, horse riding. The trail we took was an easy trail which led us past, or perhaps through a golf course. The weather was perfect for walking – not too hot or wet or freezing.

A little off  trail was a little pond, meant for “catch and release” fishing. Although better than killing for sport, imagine the trauma this activity would cause to the poor fish!!

We walked along the green lawns; passed shady berry trees; took in the fragrance of flowers; admired a beautiful sunset and made our way back home.


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