Baltimore Aquarium

As it was World Oceans Day this weekend, we decided to make a trip to the National Aquarium  in Baltimore.

One of the good things about Delaware is that a lot of places are quite easily accessible. Baltimore is about an hour’s drive from where we are.

The National Aquarium  turned out to be a 5 story building with some very interesting exhibits.In a very thoughtful gesture, in place of escalators, the aquarium has inclined moving walkways for most parts. I wonder why this was not uniformly implemented throughout the building.

Inside we were given a little scavenger hunt to do.

  1. Look for the stripped burr fish – Found it,but in a different tank from the clueDSC_1161
  2. Find the elusive electric eel – Found it hiding in front of a rock right next to the glass
  3. Take a close look at the puffins sharp beak – Also noted how fast the swim!
  4. Feel the water in the air in the rain forest exhibit – This was by far the best exhibit, as it had an open section, with birds flying
  5.  over head and a sloth moving among the trees
  6. Can you find atleast 3 poison dart frogs? – Found them all
  7. Find a sand tiger shark – Did you know they have 3,000 teeth? Impressive huh?
  8. Take a look at our jellies – A TV programme, and some reading material at the exhibit told me that the jellies are taking over our oceans.
  9. Check out our dolphins – We saw the dolphins being filmed as a part of an experiment. I know it’s mean, but we were disappointed that they wouldn’t be jumping through hoops for us.
  10. Spot the Archerfish -Spotted, even though we didn’t see them spitballing flies out of action.

The exhibit that seemed to have caught everyone’s fancy though, was the octopus. Did you know, a hungry adult octopus may eat young octopi?


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