Old Friend-New City

It’s always nice to meet old friends in new cities. We were in NYC, again. This time to drop off the in-laws at the airport. Anthea was visiting her husband in Jersey city. We were meeting after 10 years or more.


Anthea and me are friends from school. We went to the same school for 12 years, but we were never really friends, hell we never even really interacted till we got to 9th grade or standard 9. That’s when she became Asst. Prefect for the Red house, and I became Asst. Prefect for Blue. The houses actually had some very fancy names  – Flowerettes and Marriottes.  Needless to say, we competed fiercess, leaving no stone unturned to outdo each other’s crazy ideas. We’ve fought over ridiculous things like, who gets to do pom-poms and who has to make do with hoops and sticks.

We both talked of becoming lawyers. She became one. She’s the kind of soul who is always driven to champion the cause of the meek and the down trodden, or who ever it is she feels injustice is being down to. Once Anthea’s on the war path , nothing can stop her. She once even poked our Principal, to get us on to a rally we wanted to attend only because the Principal said we couldn’t.  By poked, I mean physically poked her in the tummy.

We studied in a convent school. The nunnery, where the sisters lived was strictly out of bounds for students. The only time I’ve actually entered it was when Anthea decided she could not wait for a particular sister to come down and see us, and marched 6 of us off to see her in her room instead. Using the elevator, which was also strictly out of bounds for students.

It’s been more than 10 years, but nothing seems to have changed. She’s still the same mad person you don’t want to get on the wrong side off.


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