And there’s no end of voyaging when once the voice is heard..

For the river calls and the road calls, and oh, the call of a bird!

– Gerald Gould

I learnt a new word today – Dromomania.

Dromomania is the technical term for wanderlust. Wikipedia says,people with this condition spontaneously depart from their routine, travel long distances and take up different identities and occupations. Months may pass before they return to their former identities.

I spend a lot of my free time, even at work, as a virtual tourist.

Most items on my  bucket list are travel related. It won’t simply say – Hot Air Ballooning. it will say, Hot air Ballooning over Cappadocia  or the Pushkar mela.

I don’t just look up interesting destinations and draw up itineraries ,  I zero down on places to stay, what to eat, where to shop, learn a few useful words in the local language…I travel. I plan so well, that I could easily GUIDE other tourists  and probably even LOCALS around.

I  steal vacation ideas from people’s FB photographs. I scour travel blogs. I read, and am inspired. I recently read Agatha Christie’s Murder in Mesopotamia – and put archaeological excavations on my list. If not Mesopotamia, Mohenjodaro, or atleast Lothal. Lothal is an Indus valley civilization site an hour away from Ahmadabad. Only the bus driver’s expression and heartfelt concern that I would not find any proper transport to get back from Lothal, kept me from hopping off his bus on my way from Junagadh to Ahmadabad.

I don’t take up different identities, but I become a different person in different places. The Delhi me is not the same as the Kolkata me, who is not the same as the Bombay me, yet they are all still ME. I don’t instantly transform. Different places just add something new while something old fades into the background.

I would like nothing better than short assignments to different parts of the globe. Work of 3m-6m and to relax and travel some more for the next 2-3. I’m currently looking for an employer. I have an option now, and i would really like nothing better than to CHANGE my profession. Not because I don’t like what I do. It’s just that I’ve done this for 6 + years and there are a few other things that I would like to do.

I don’t suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder, there is a DROMOMANIAC lurking somewhere somewhere deep inside me.

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